Prescription Details

Diabetes prescription details

Prescription items you will need from your GP



GlucoMen Areo
GlucoMen Areo Sensors(pack of 50)PIP Code 386-7405

 GlucoMen LX PLUS
GlucoMen LX Sensors(pack of 50)PIP Code 332-8226
GlucoMen LX Ketone Sensors(pack of 10)PIP Code 358-2566

GlucoMen GM
GlucoMen GM Sensors(pack of 50)PIP Code 355-2015

OTHER TEST STRIPS (still available on prescription)


GlucoMen Visio
GlucoMen Visio Sensors(pack of 50)PIP Code 319-0964


GlucoMen Glyco & PC
GlucoMen Sensors(pack of 50)PIP Code 266-1288



For use with all Glucoject finger prickers and most others
GlucoJect Lancets PLUS 33G(pack of 100)PIP Code 385-1748
GlucoJect Lancets PLUS 33G(pack of 200)PIP Code 385-1755



Compatible with all 'twist cap' Insulin Pens
Glucoject Pen Needles 4mm/32G (pack of 100)PIP Code 398-0364
Glucoject Pen Needles 5mm/31G (pack of 100)PIP Code 398-0414
Glucoject Pen Needles 6mm/31G (pack of 100)PIP Code 398-0372
Glucoject Pen Needles 8mm/31G (pack of 100)PIP Code 398-0380
Glucoject Pen Needles 10mm/29G (pack of 100)PIP Code 398-0398
Glucoject Pen Needles 12mm/29G (pack of 100)PIP Code 398-0406

Availability of test strips

Diabetes UK has produced a pack for people who might be restricted in the number of glucose test strips that they can get on prescription.

The pack contains pre-written letters and information to enable you to challenge a restriction by your doctor.

For more information please visit Diabetes UK.

Diabetes UK | Availability Of Test Strips On Prescription

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