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GlucoMen blood glucose meters are very easy to use, but we have also provided short step-by-step video guides to make testing as simple as possible. Click here to see the guide for LX PLUS. Click here to see the guide for GlucoMen Areo.
Testing for blood ketones using the GlucoMen LX PLUS, when you have high blood glucose readings (above 13.9) or when you are unwell, can help you to detect Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). DKA is a very serious complication of diabetes which affects thousands of people using insulin to manage their condition. Learn about DKA in our education section.
Both the glucose and ketone sensors that are used with GlucoMen blood glucose meters can be used just once. The meter will not operate if a used test sensor is placed in the machine.
GlucoMen test sensors have a long expiry date compared with competitor test strips. For example, GlucoMen test sensors have a 6-9 month expiry date from the date that the pack is opened. Please refer to the information leaflet in the test sensor pack for your test sensors expiry date.
You can see up to 400 stored results on the LX PLUS. To see them, press the circular 'Mode' button to switch the meter on and then use the left arrow button to scroll through the results. Forthe GTlucoMen AREO, 700 results can be stored. Press and hold the 'power/mode' button on the left side of the meter to turn it on. Use the up/down buttons on the right side of the meter to scroll through results. All results show the time and date of the test.
At the end of the GlucoJect Dual S lancing device, the depth settings are numbered from 1 - 7. 1 is the least deep setting, 7 is the deepest and the difference between each setting is 0.25mm. Rotate the end of the lancing device to your chosen depth setting. Use the lowest setting possible that produces enough blood for the test, as this will keep the feeling to a minimum.
For the GlucoMen LX PLUS and Areo meters, the battery will last for approximately 1,000 tests. If you need a new battery you can order one for free when you register your meter with us.
Just register your details with us and you can then 'log in' on our website and order one of our 10 coloured covers for the LX PLUS meter.
Yes, after a blood glucose test has been performed and a result is displayed, with the strip still in the LX PLUS meter, you can mark the result with one of 4 choices (pre-meal, post meal, exercise or a tick). Choose one of these markers by scrolling the left/right arrow keys and confirm your selection by pressing the mode button (middle button).
If your glucose test result is below 1.1 mmol/L, the meter will display 'LO'. Retest your blood glucose immediately using a new sensor. If your reading is still low, you should treat yourself for hypoglycaemia as advised by your healthcare professional.
Yes, the meter will give an accurate reading within the temperature ranges of 5 - 45C.
The test sensors for GlucoMen meters can be tested by using GlucoMen quality control solution (call Customer Support to get some sent to you). The control solution contains known amounts of glucose and beta-hydroxybutyrate. When a control test is performed, the result should be within the range specified on the side of the test sensor pot. If the QC test result is within this range then the meter and test sensors are working correctly. If the result is outside of the expected range then please call our Customer Support line.
The GlucoMen meters give averages for your test results over various periods. If you would like to analyse your test results history in more details, you can download either GlucoLog Lite, an app Smartphones and tablets, or you can download our GlucoLog Software for your PC/Laptop. Both are FREE. Click here to find out more.

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